In a wooded valley, 3 km from the village of Kurjace, an asphalt road
leads to the beautiful monastery Nimnik.
This is a monastery from the time of the battle of Kosovo. It was burned during the Koca’s frontier rebellion, and reconstructed during the reign of Milos Obrenovic. Nimnik housed one of the first schools in this region.
The monastic complex consists of a church, a chapel and living quarters. According to the legend, the monastery received its name after a Vlach-girl who, asked by the Turks for the location of the monastery and whether it hid brigands, only answered “niscu nimnik” which translated means “I do not know anything”. Ottomans immediately killed her. When her grieving parents found her, a bluish aureole was glowing around her head. When they had put her body onto the cart, the oxen wanted to go only to the monastery. They buried her in the churchyard and on her grave they built a small chapel, which to-day is a shrine that has healing powers, so it is popularly thought.
At the foot of the hill there is also a healing water fountain. Visit Nimnik where you will inevitably be treated to honey and cold springwater. Visits are possible every day.